The Nominations Process

The VIGA Music Awards annually constitutes a special nomination panel comprising of representation from the Federation of Gospel Artists Uganda (FGAU), stakeholders from the media & music businesses, Music Academies and respected institutions i.e., Universities. This panel receives, evaluates and censors the music and video’ entry submissions from the Technical/Professional guild, Public nomination submissions and open registrations, to come up with the final nominees list of four to six candidates per category, who are then subjected to public voting. To earn a nomination, the artist must have exhibited Godliness and excellence in every step of their conduct, execution and achievement(s). The nomination panel and fans are advised to greatly consider these values along with any other set criteria while submitting or endorsing entries.

  • Technical/Professional submissions

These are by the Media & Music executives and the registered members of the Federation of Gospel Artists of Uganda comprising of artists, visual & audio producers, Record Labels, PR/Marketing Firms, Management Companies, National/International Booking Agents & Event Planners, Distribution Companies, Radio-Television-Print Media entities, Bloggers, Tour Management Companies, Artists Development Companies, music distributors and promoters. They propose and forward names of candidates basing on their observations of what was carried in the media and the general music business performance. 


  • Open registrations

Here interested participants or their representatives fill a form and submit their works on the VIGA website or download, fill and submit a hard copy of the same with copies of their works, brief bio and photo(s). The Open registrations came about after observing the amount of good music produced annually, that so much may not grace the media waves and/or pages due to various reasons, yet considerations are much based on the media exposure. 


  • Public nomination

This is a provision and opportunity where the VIGA committee studies nomination proposals by the public/fans of their favorite artist(s) and/or song(s) through request shows on television & radio, social media and SMS platforms. 


The final nominees list is compiled after the panel assesses the technical/professional and public submissions along with the open registration entries and presents up to maximum ten (10) entrants. Works considered must have been released or became successful between January to December of the considered year.


Nb: For the New and Upcoming Talent category, VIGA executes the NextGeM, a talent search execution aimed at identifying, grooming and promoting talents from raw form to the professional recording and performing stage. The top contestants from the NextGem are forwarded to the VIGA Awards nomination panel as the nominees for the respective category. VIGA also executes a competition for the Dance Category.



A global Award that upholds Godliness and Excellence
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