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Praise the Lord Jesus, hallelujah. Welcome and thanks for taking the time to visit us.

We are delighted about the Lords doing, so marvelous; look how far He has brought us, celebrating Jesus through empowering Christian music and artists since 2007! From just being recognized as an evangelism tool and a genre, to date Christian/gospel music has grown to the level of redefining the general social & entertainment space and we can boast of the Christian/Gospel Ministry & Industry (MINDUSTRY). As much as our primary business is winning souls, we also have an economic element that we need to take care of without losing focus of the Cross, Col 3:23; it is against that background that the VIGA Music Awards vets our nominees and also the reason our Song of the year category is considered by the Worship and Praise elements.

Here to Stay

Since inception in 2007, the VIGA Music Awards continues to inspire more Christian artists to come up and groom into respected ministers and professionals. Christian music has also grown its cut-across appeal & ‘business’ prospect and is creating positive & inspirational media content and employment opportunities for various stakeholders.

The VIGA is here to stay as Christian music is a durable gem; can you imagine songs of the 1800’s are still hits today i.e. Amazing Grace, The old rugged Cross, etc! To date Christian music is registering even more big milestones and we take this opportunity to appreciate the artists, the audio & visual producers, the promoters & sponsors, the media and everyone involved in the making and distribution of the inspirational tunes we enjoy. In a special way we thank our fans for continually supporting us.

Meet Our Team

Michael D. Walker
Classical Piano Lecturer

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July Roberts
Pop Piano Lecturer

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Yui Ishihara
Jazz Piano Lecturer

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Jonathan Dean
Blues Piano Lecturer

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